How would you feel when your bank runs a promotion for its new insurance service, it sends three identical letters to your home address - one addressed to your wife; a second one to you with misspelled name and a third one addressed with “reversed names”, what's your reaction?

Unfortunately, nobody seems to measure the actual quality of data and it has always been about perception. And to be honest, there has not been a convenient data quality tool or easily available service to measure Data Quality. 

More than 80 percent of CRM deployments will suffer limited acceptance, if not outright failure, because of the lack of attention to data quality issues (0.8 probability). - Gartner

Fortune 1000 enterprises will lose more money in operational inefficiency due to data quality issues than they will spend on data warehouse and CRM initiatives (0.9 probability). - Gartner, 2008

Data integration and building the underlying subject- area for the data mart / data warehouse consumes up to 70% of the effort in building an analytic solution. - IDC

While it may be convenient to believe that your Data Governance has been better than others and you do NOT suffer from poor quality of data consider the following:

In the survey “Data Quality and the Bottom Line” by the Data Warehousing Institute while half of the respondents said the quality of their data is “excellent” or “good” another 44% said that in reality, the Quality of their Data is worse than everyone thinks.

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